viernes, enero 20, 2006

Coseré mis alas rotas para volar a tu lado

Sagi Rei -L'amour Toujours

I still believe in your eyes
I just don't care what
you have done in your life
Baby I'll always be here by your side
Don't leave me waiting too long
Please come by
I, I, I still believe in your eyes;
There is no choice,
I belong to your life
Because I will live
To love you someday;
You'll be my baby
And we'll fly away
And I'll fly with you,
I'll fly with you.
Every day and every night,
I always dream that
you are by my side
Oh, baby, every day
and every night,
Well I said everything's
gonna be alright
and I'll fly with you.

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maitechu dijo...

Simplemente preciosa!! He descubierto tu blog por casualidad y me ha encantado.
Un besazo desde Barcelona!